Interviewers have many motivations for recording my views.

It does happen, generally because an interviewer is interested in my occasionally dissident opinions, that are nevertheless backed by evidence, logical reasoning, and the perspectives of long experience.

And I am prepared to be proved wrong.

250 environmental activists and thinkers around the world were showcased as part of the EXPO 2005 World Fair in Aichi, Japan, which prided itself on its environmental credentials. Some of them, including myself, were interviewed in advance, and the interviews replayed on monitors around the EXPO site.

In 2009 the Welsh Economic Review ran a special issue on energy and interviewed several commentators within Wales, including myself. A version is here.

In 2010 a polish TV company made a 45-minute video interview about the history and operation of the Centre for Alternative Technology.

In 2008 a German theorist visiting the Dyfi Valley interviewed me, principally regarding the newly-established Dyfi Biosphere. Inevitably the interview ranged more broadly, taking in my Big Picture perspective on the state of the world.

In 2012 an Australian specialist in energy and climate change, Professor John Wiseman, interviewed me as part of a global survey of decarbonisation programmes. The focus was Zero-Carbon Britain, comments on the second report and expectations of the third, not all of which were borne out. Read the transcript here.

In 2013 I was interviewed by Allan Shepherd as part of the Oral history Archive for the Centre for Alternative Technology. This is a long interview covering my entire life-experience including the origins of ‘alternative technology’, changes within the environmental movement, and the evolution of CAT up to the ‘emergency period’ after 2011. Find audio here:

In 2018 I was ‘interviewed’ by email by Simon Fairlie, author of the influential Meat, A Benign Extravagance and editor of The Land . Here is the result.