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I do Big-Picture eco, but with an unusual emphasis. I put the physics before the politics. The solutions to the big sustainability problems have to work physically. So we should get the physical arrangements right first, then adapt the necessary politics and economics.

This is the opposite of what is normally done, but it's just common sense. Think about it. 

The results of this perspective are often at odds with both conventional thought and mainstream environmentalism. See for yourself.

Use the BLOG to look over my shoulder. Like others, I use it to pass comment and Think Aloud. Mostly it’s on sustainability matters, but often enough I cannot restrain myself from having a say on other current affairs. Feel free to post comments. 

The LIBRARY covers a very wide range of environmental subjects, classified into thirteen different categories.  Random browsing will certainly turn up some surprises. Older material offers historical depth to many contemporary issues. 

Some topics in the Library I’d like to see discussed more (especially within the environmental movement) have been pulled out and called CONTROVERSIES. If your blood pressure is a bit low, you might find a remedy here.

SERVICES lists what I will do for money, from consultancy to exhibitions, and provides contact information.

ABOUT   -- well, have a look if you are interested. It helps to explain some of the other material, and answers small puzzles such as the significance of the logo


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Food, eating acorns!


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I live in Wiltshire. Like several other authorities in the South West, Wiltshire County Council has adopted a policy of aiming towards ‘carbon neutrality’ by 2030. This is considerably faster than the recently-announced UK goal of carbon-neutrality by 2050. Why? What does it really mean?

Being British in the Modern World