Energy Issues

For now and the immediate future, energy supply will dominate the climate debate. To many within my own circles the essentials of any sustainable energy system are rather clear: maximum reduction of demand, largely through new technologies and efficiency measures; rapid replacement of high-carbon supply systems with low or zero-carbon systems; a far greater share for electricity. In some ways the discussion has become rather dull and predictable. 

One of the the main arguments is about how much effort should be put into using less energy, and how much into simply providing more -- and more.  There are of course further arguments about different kinds of supply mixes. Items on these subjects are found in:


Wind power has always been the cornerstone of the renewable energy movement, and has many excellent features. Not everybody agrees however, and I have found myself inevitably drawn into the 'wind power debates', usually arguing from an ethical perspective:


Generally I have been concerned with energy problems at a national or global scale, but there is still an important role for small-scale local generation. A couple of examples can be found here: