I do Big-Picture eco, but with an unusual emphasis. I put the physics before the politics. The solutions to the great big sustainability problems have to work physically. So we should get the physical arrangements right first, then adapt the necessary politics and economics.

This is the opposite of what is normally done, but it's just common sense. Think about it. 

The results of this perspective are often at odds with both conventional thought and mainstream environmentalism. See for yourself.

Use the BLOG to look over my shoulder. From time to time I hope to hand the megaphone to other  odd environmentalists like me -- and even to critics. Perhaps you are one. Feel free to post comments on the Blog. 

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The climate change debate has tended to polarise between ‘mitigationists’ who thought prevention was better than cure, and ‘adaptationists’, who thought the opposite.

In spite of the dramatic reductions in emissions by 2050 mandated by the 2008 Climate-Change Act, the programme still commits the UK to massive 'carbon debts'. The arithmetic is very simple. Why doesn't DECC, or the Committee on Climate Change, simply do the sums and tell us?

Isn't it about time for a major reorganisation of research effort? Maybe the Higgs Boson has the answers...