Compost Systems

"Compost" is the magic heart of gardening, and I must confess to having been somewhat obsessed by it.  

Of course you can buy compost in bags, but my approach has always been that it should be seen as a waste-reduction and recycling process as much as an aid to plant growth, so any household with a garden should roll its own.

Unfortunately in the early years of organic gardening another approach was taken, with elaborate recipes and procedures often using bought-in materials, that did not easily fit the waste production patterns of everyday life.

Noting all this at CAT, in the 1990s we set out to change it. A summary of our trials and adventures is

Compost Tales 1998 (doc) 

Some illustrations of the 'High Fibre Method' are shown here:

Home Composting using the High Fibre Method 2002 (ppt)

Details of processing some of the more unspeakable household wastes are found here:

Composting Yourself 1996 (doc)

The High Fibre method deals with most household arisings, but not woody wastes from the garden. These days the Council will normally collect difficult garden wastes, but if you want to do it yourself, here's how:

Composting Woody Materials 2002 (doc)

Woody Waste 2007 (ppt)