In this section you will find short essays on various garden-related topics, often reflecting my rather gritty analytical approach. They do not always follow expected stereotypes.

The Eco-House and -Garden (doc)

Climate Change in the Garden 2003 (doc)

Growing Your Own: Getting it in Perspective (doc)

Weeds (doc)

Of course there are many illustrated presentations as well, but they are too large for the web site program.


Here are some examples of simple garden experiments that we hoped would be taken up and tested with greater rigour by better-reourced institutions. Sadly, this rarely happened.

The first is an example of investigating common garden myths. This one concerns covering soil with black plastic, assumed to warm it up. This seems to 'stand to reason', but has anybody ever actually tested it? No. So we did. It doesn't. Well, not much.

Warming the soil with black plastic: a trial (doc)

The second is an example of a long-term 'public trial' where the public could observe results that were not known in advance.

A Long-Term Fertility Experiment (doc)

The third recounts some of our experiences trying out horticultural uses for an industrial waste product.

Horticultural Uses of Paper-Mill Waste (doc)

In recent years I have become interested in simple management methods for wild areas, and have taken on a wildflower meadow, managed only with a scythe and a push-mower. See

The Meadow (2019, Word)